A thoughtful start of to an amazing journey……..

There you go, 10th is done and dusted and now its time to deliver. Everybody is expecting something from you. You are now at the business end of your educational career(if you call it that way). 

The biggest question that arises in almost everybody’s mind at that particular moment is “boards or competition”, should I concentrate on boards and take a year drop to prepare for the competitive exams or should I neglect the boards and study for JEE or AIPMT or CLAT etc.

Well I never knew which of the two options should I choose so I chose a third option to take on both the monsters simultaneously (it worked for me) and (to be very frank) yeah it was tough!

When the session starts everybody is very excited about the new books, new classrooms and new teachers(maybe or maybe not,Who knows!?!). We make a lot of promises to everyone (including ourselves) that this time we will study our hearts out and give it our best shot. But the spirit starts to die out after a few months(at least this was true in my case) and suddenly the books just loose their fragrance and classrooms seem monotonous and teachers seem so boring. We try our best to stay focused but sometimes it is just way too much for our liking.

There are always two outcomes of such a situation:

  1. Either a person realizes the eternal truth “sab moh maya hai“.
  2. Or he starts bribing his mind with the thoughts “Do saal padh le acche din aane waale hain“.

Till now i haven’t been able to decipher  (although I have reached certain conclusions lately) which class of people(first or the second) is more successful.But I believe that if you have chosen the second option like me then make a sincere effort in this regard. What I am about to say is for my friends who are in 10+1 and have taken a step forward towards their goal-

 The serious part starts here…… 

  • Do what you love(a vague statement): Devote more time to the subject that you feel comes naturally to you. You never know if you might become the next Einstein or something. Everybody has an area of interest (if you don’t then consider changing your stream for good), give that area some more time so that it becomes your strong point.
  • Don’t misunderstand the first point: Devoting more time to a particular subject does not mean that you neglect all the others. Your favourite subject is for those times when you are feeling kinda low.
  • Follow a schedule: Well this point may not apply to some of the readers but I think everyone should give it a try. Create a time-table and try to follow it strictly (this worked for me!).  
  • Take short rests: If you are not able to study continuously for hours then take short gaps(10-12 mins) after an hour or so and in that time do something that relieves you (music can do the trick!).
  • Be regular: Do not become a shirker. Be regular with your studies and revisions (homework ki bhi soch lena kabhi kabhi).

Now some scientifically proven stuff that can do wonders-

  • Environment matters a lot: A well lit room is always better for long sitting. Your room should have an ideal temperature as it helps with improving the concentration and retention power.
  • Entertain yourselves: Go outdoors, engage yourself in sports and take a break from the schedule once in a while. Do not over- exert your body. This might improve your performance in the coming days.

For those who can manage-

  • Do something extra: Do not forget that these years are the most productive years of your life. Do not waste these years by being a “kitaabi keedha”. Try to improve your personality in the best way you can (according to me school is the best place for this stuff).

 And finally the most important thing………

Do not waste your summer vacations!!!!!!!

This list (by far) is not complete but is enough for now to set you people in the right direction on the runway.

You are about to go on a flight and this is the take-off point. Check the engines, put your foot on the accelerator and have a pleasant flight ahead ” Bon Voyage”

Introduction to my Blog

Hello friends this is Sopan Khosla, and I welcome you all to my blog.

This is my first post and through it I would like to introduce me and my intention behind writing this blog.

I am an undergraduate student at IIT Roorkee pursuing B.tech in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. 

Through this blog I would try my best to give some insight about the dos and don’ts during a student’s journey through school to  prestigious institutes like IITs, NIITs etc. So please feel free to ask questions. I would reply as soon as I can.

I would also share my personal experiences through this phase of life and at IITR(although more or less subjective) hoping that they could be of some help to those who aspire to do well in their respective areas.

I would be posting some important links in this regard as well.